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COF Quick Notes–Happy 5th Anniversary Connection of Friends!

5 years ago, two grandparents decided to create a place for their grandchildren and other young adults with special needs. A place that would offer supported programming for all ability levels; a place that would offer age appropriate activities; a place where life skills and conversational skills could be practiced and not lost; a place where these young adults could make friends. That place is now known as Connection of Friends.

What we do on a daily basis and Saturday evenings would not be possible without our staff, volunteers and supporters. We extend a heartfelt thanks to all our families and our exceptional participants! Enjoy the video!

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COF Quick Notes–Connection of Friends Heart & Soap–Perfect for the Holidays!

Connection of Friends Heart and Soap is now available on-line for a limited time!  Stefanie Rock, founder and owner of Favor of the Earth, has graciously extended this opportunity to our participants.  There are 3 soaps in a set–Vanilla Latte, Vanilla Chai and Orange Oatmeal OR Rosemary Lavender, Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint.  All proceeds benefit COF activities and programming!

And while shopping for soap, please take a moment to see the other “green” and locally made products available from Favor of the Earth.

To purchase soap, please click on the following link.

COF Soap—Favor the Earth

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Who We Are

Connection of Friends is a community-based program which provides a place for teens, age 16 and older, and adults with special needs to gather socially with an emphasis on life skill, volunteer and fitness activities on a daily basis and Saturday evenings.   Our primary purpose is for participants to engage in meaningful ways within a supported environment.


Where We Are Located

Connection of Friends is located at Hope Presbyterian Church, 1771 S. Wiesbrook Road, Wheaton. (Connection of Friends is not affiliated with Hope Presbyterian Church).

What We Offer

COF operates Monday through Thursday with varied options of Noon-6:00 p.m. or Noon-3:00 p.m. or 3-6:00 p.m. Friday programming is from 9:00 am-3:00 pm.  Our Saturday Night Socials are held from 6-9:00 p.m. Participants sign-up for 13-week sessions and select the specific days and time options. Connection of Friends is only closed on traditional holidays.

Week-day programming includes preparing a daily meal and snack; volunteering at a food pantry and nursing home;  volunteering for SCARCE (School & Community Assistance for Recycling Composting Education); music; art; gardening;  fitness/yoga/nutrition; product creation and community lunch.  Dinner & Dancing with Friends is offered on Mondays each session.