The Future of Connection of Friends

Dear Supporters and Friends,

When Connection of Friends opened 8 years ago, our mission was simpleā€¦

To create a place that would enrich the lives of teenagers and adults with special needs; for participants to engage in meaningful ways within their community and create lasting relationships.

Our goals were ambitious but our commitment to deliver the best programming to COF participants never wavered; Sarah made sure of that. Ginny and I have enjoyed every moment spent with COF participants; whether making pizza on Saturday nights or seeing them during week-day programming; it has been our honor to be a part of their lives.

There has been a lot of reflection on how best to move forward with Connection of Friends; to fulfill our commitment to our participants and families while trying to manage the everyday demands that running a program 6 days a week presents. The challenge of retaining staff coupled with the challenge of trying to add staff is a constant obstacle. We have made a concerted effort to try to find additional staff; staff that is not only qualified, but staff that we can afford as an organization without raising fees.

After much heartfelt discussion, we have made the decision that despite all our efforts, we will be closing Connection of Friends after the Summer Session. It is a decision that did not come easily for us. We are very proud of what we were able to provide to all our participants and are filled with gratitude of the support that you have extended to us during the last 8 years.


The Kline Family

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What’s Happening at Home?

At Connection of Friends, we know our participants do many amazing activities and celebrate wonderful accomplishments outside of our program! As we continue to work on socialization skills, we would love to hear about any current or future special events or occasions so we can encourage participants to share their experiences with their friends at COF.

If your participant has an upcoming event or special occasion, please fill out the following form and return it to Jamie Hager Lee at