What Makes COF Unique?


All our programming is centered on socialization and finding ways to encourage and support our participants as they develop relationships with one another.   Activities are supported visually and scripts are available to aide in the development of conversation skills.  

As friendships continue to grow, we are committed to finding new ways to encourage and support our participants as they develop relationships with one another. Our conversation format during meal and snack times helps develop new conversation skills by providing visual scripts, topics and questions.

Social Jobs are another way to advance independence and foster socialization between participants.  At the beginning of each day, participants chose at least one social job which may include:

  • Discussion Leader
  • Warm Up Leader
  • Feel Good Helper
  • Exercise Helper
  • Game Leader–Our Game Leader gets to “spin the game wheel”

This or That

This or That is a group game played weekly and during Saturday Night Socials.  Participants are asked to choose between 2 answers, (no answer is wrong), then once the “votes” are cast, participants explain why they chose their answer.  For example…do you like Chick-fil-A or McDonald’s

Movement Activities

Movement Activity Examples–Warm Up Board and Warm Up Cards

Movement activities are programmed every day as well as during Saturday Night Socials.  The first example is our Warm Up Board.  Participants spin the spinner and the color landed on corresponds to a choice on the board.  The second example is our Deck of Cards Warm Up.  Pick a card, any card and match the suit with the action.  And of course, the Joker card is WILD

Conversation Dice

Asking as well as answering questions can be difficult for some participants. Our Conversation Dice game encourages engagement in a fun way!

Would You Rather Questions

As conversation skills emerge, presenting questions with an “either or answer” is often times preferred.  Our “Would Rather Questions” do just that with age appropriate questions that are fun!

Social Trivia

What is Social Trivia? It is an opportunity for our participants to navigate through social norms in a fun and engaging way through a series of questions.  Here are some examples! (1) What do you do if someone has bad breath? (2) What do you do if someone posts something mean online? (3) What do you do if what you ordered at a restaurant is wrong?

Social Trivia---Wrong Order at a Restaurant
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We offer a wide variety of individualized supports, (both written and visual), to help our participants remain engaged and organized. Supports include schedules, sequential “steps, (recipes, job tasks), as well as behavior supports, (Expected/Unexpected). Please see Supports Tab for more information.